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Hi! Welcome to the exclusive voice base of  the Voices.kz studio.

Enjoy your listening and have a good selection. Please know, we are always ready to help you, just contact us.

Attention please!

Our studio never discloses information about talents, please take this into account before starting cooperation with us.

Tilek (ru)
Adel At (uz)
Adel I (kid kaz)
Adel I (kid rus)
Adina M (kid kz)
Adina M (kid) ru
Aida (kg)
Aida M (kz)
Aigul K (kg)
Ainur T (kz)
Aldiyar Sh (rus)
Aleksandr K (en)
Alen A (kz)
Alen A (ru)
Alen B (kid ru)
Alen B(kid kz)
Alen S (kz) vocal
Alen S (ru) vocal
Alex (en)
Alexander G (ru)
Alexander L (ru)
Alexander Lu (ru)
Alexander P (ru)
Alexander Yu (ru)
Alexey L (ru)
Alexey N (ru)
Alexey O (ru)
Alexey P (ru vocal)
Alexey Pt (ru)
Alexey Z (ru)
Alexey Z (ru)
Alibek Z (kz)
Alibek Z (ru)
Alima K (kz)
Aliya A (kz)
Alma A (kz)
Altyn K (kg)
Altyn K (ru)
Altynai Zh (kg vocal)
Altynbek (kg)
Alym (kg)
Anar B (kz)
Andrey B (ru)
Andrey B (rus)
Andrey Ch (ru)
Andrey L (ru kid)
Andrey M (ru vocal)
Andrey M (ru)
Andrey O (ru)
Andrey P (ru)
Ani S (arm)
Anna B (ru)
Anna C (en)
Anna F (ru)
Anya U (ru kid)
Ardak D (kz)
Ardak S (en vocal)
Ardak S (kz vocal)
Ardak S (ru vocal)
Arkadii M (ru vocal)
Arkadii M (ru)
Arman K (ru)
Arsenii V (ru)
Arseniy K (ru)
Arstan (kg)
Arstan A (ru)
Arthur P (dub ru)
Arthur P (ru)
Artur K (ru)
Artyom S (blr)
Artyom S (rus)
Aruzhan_Z (kid kz)
Aruzhan_Z (kid ru)
Arystan (kg)
Asema B (kz)
Asema B (ru)
Askarali S (kid kz)
Askarali S (kid ru)
Askhat K (rus)
Askhat К (kaz)
Ayana R (ru)
Az A (aze)
Az B (aze)
Azamat K (kz)
Azimhan A (kz)
Azimhan A (ru)
Aziza D (ru)
Bakhit (kg)
Bakhytzhan A (kz)
Balausa T (kz)
Batis M (kz)
Batis M (ru)
Benjamin M (en)
Berik E (kz)
Berikbolat S (kz)
Bibigul K (kz)
Bibigul K (ru)
Bolat A (kz)
Boris A (ru)
Bota A (kz vocal)
Bota A (ru vocal)
Damira M (kz vocal)
Dan (en)
Dana A (kz)
Dana A (ru)
Dana K (kaz)
Dana K (rus)
Daniil B (en)
Denis S (ru)
Diana A (rus)
Diana S (vocal)
Dias Sh (ru)
Dmitri Gar (ru)
Dmitryi B (ru dub)
Dmitryi B (ru)
Dosymbek U (kz)
Dzhamilya (kg)
Eduard (ru)
Ekaterina A (rus)
Eld R (aze)
Eldana (kg)
Eldar M (ru kid)
Eliana (en kid)
Elsh (aze)
Elvira M (kz)
Elvira M (ru)
Elx C (aze)
Em Q (aze)
Erasyl M (kz)
Erasyl M (ru)
Erbolat (kz)
Erbolat (ru)
Ergali D (kz)
Ergen S (kz)
Ergen S (ru)
Eric S (en)
Erik M (kg)
Erik T (ru)
Ersain D (vocal kz)
Ersain D (vocal ru)
Ersultan A (kz)
Erzhan M (kz)
Erzhan Z (kz)
Evgenii K (ru vocal)
Evgenii K (ru)
Evgenii N (ru)
Evgenii P (ru)
Farhat T (ru)
Faridun H (tjk)
Fedor (kid ru)
Fer D (aze)
Fuad O (aze)
FVO10 (mng)
FVO11 (mng)
FVO12 (mng)
FVO8 (mng)
FVO9 (mng)
Gabriel K (rus)
Gafura S (kz)
Galina C (ru)
Galina L (ru)
Galina L (ru) vocal
Gauhar S (kz)
Grigorii K (ru)
Guka (kg)
Gulmira Y (kz)
Gulmira Y (ru)
Gulnaz (kz vocal)
Gulnaz (kz)
Gulya K (kz)
Gulya K (kz)
Gulya Yu (uz)
Hus M (aze)
ID 110 Man (geo)
ID 116 Man (geo)
ID 119 Woman (geo)
ID 120 Woman (geo)
ID 121 Woman (geo)
ID 122 Man (geo)
ID 129 Woman (geo)
ID 134 Woman (geo)
ID 140 Woman (geo)
ID 145 Man (geo)
ID 148 Man (geo)
ID 149 Woman (geo)
ID 151 Woman (geo)
ID 152 Man (geo)
ID 174 Girl (kid geo)
ID 175 Girl (kid geo)
ID 181 Boy (kid geo)
ID 182 Man (geo)
ID 183 Boy (kid geo)
ID 183 Man (geo)
ID 186 Man (aze)
ID 191 Boy (kid geo)
Iliya Shtop (ru)
Ivan V (rus)
Jandos E (kz)
Jeff (en)
Josiah B (en)
Julia M (ru book)
Julia M (ru IVR)
Juliya M (ru parody)
Juliya M (ru)
Kadyrjan M (kz)
Kadyrjan M (ru)
Kairat (kg)
Kaldybek Z (kz)
Kamilya S (ru)
Kamilya S (vocal kz)
Kamilya S (vocal ru)
Kaz A (aze)
Kazbek (kz vocal)
Kazbek Ak (kz)
Kazbek Ak (ru)
Kazbek B (kz)
Kazbek B (ru)
Kazhet S (kaz)
Kirill F (rus)
Kirill O (ru)
Konstantin G (ru)
Konul Ari (aze)
Kostanntin Ts (ru)
Kristina K (ru)
Kseniya R (en vocal)
Kseniya R (vocal kz)
Kseniya R (vocal ru)
Kseniya T (ru)
Kuandyk T (kz)
Kuanish G (kz)
Kuat A (kz)
Kub K (aze)
Kub M (aze)
Larisa F (ru)
Larisa O (ru)
Larisa R (ru)
Laura (en)
Lauren (en kid)
Lidia K (kz)
Lidia K (ru)
Lil J (en vocal)
Lil J (en)
Lima (kz)
Lima (ru)
Lori P (en)
Ludmila P (ru)
Lyazzat A (kz)
Lyazzat I (kz vocal)
Lyazzat I (kz)
Lyazzat I (parody)
Lyazzat I (ru vocal)
Lyazzat I (ru)
Lyazzat S (kaz)
Lyazzat S (rus)
Lyubov K (ru)
Madina E (kz)
Madiyar B (kz)
Manuel K (en)
Marat S (kz)
Marat S (ru)
Marat T (ru vocal)
Marat T (ru)
Margarita T (ru dub)
Margarita T (ru parody)
Maria K (ru vocal)
Maria K (ru)
Maria P (ru)
Matvey L (ru kid)
Maxim M (ru)
Maya Zh (kid kz)
Maya Zh (kid rus)
Merey M (kz)
Mikhail T (ru)
Mila (ru)
Minura M (kz)
Minura M (ru)
Muhtar N (kz)
Muhtar N (ru)
MVO5 (mng)
MVO6 (mng)
MVO7 (mng)
Nac H (aze)
Nar A (aze)
Nar K (aze)
Nataliya D (ru)
Nataliya V (ru)
Nazgul (kg)
Nazgul A (kg)
Nazira (kg)
Nikita N (ru)
Nur C (aze)
Nur M (aze)
Nurali D (rus)
Nurgul S (kg)
Nurgul А (kg)
Nurjamal (kg)
Nurjamal (kg)
Nursultan K (kz)
Nursultan N (kz vocal)
Nursultan Zh (kz)
Nurzada (kg)
Oleg A (aze)
Olga G (rus)
Olga Z (ru)
Pavel G (bel)
Pavel G (ru)
Rahilyam Apa (kz)